21-year-old Veronica Correia became an overnight sensation after she threw her 36G bra on stage during Drake’s concert and is now being offered an opportunity to work with Playboy.

The viral moment caught Drake‘s attention, picking up the bra, saying, “36G … locate this woman immediately!”


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As the moment caught social media traction, several women came forward, claiming to be the owners of the, now infamous, 36G bra. However, Correia decided to set the record straight and revealed herself as the true owner of the bra through a TikTok video.


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Correia’s newfound popularity landed her on Playboy’s radar, offering her a chance to work with them.

TMZ was able to speak to Correia regarding the incident, where she gave them a few insights from the viral incident, as well as her interaction with Playboy.

“Playboy reached out to me,” she told TMZ. “They said, ‘If you want to apply, we’ll accept you right away.’ I applied, and they did accept me, and they want to speak with me very soon.”

Correia candidly admitted that the bra toss wasn’t premeditated. She had thought about it but ultimately decided to wear the bra for the night. Nevertheless, fate had other plans, and her bold move opened doors she never imagined.

Drake, too, acknowledged Veronica’s moment of fame, responding to one of her posts. Although she hadn’t replied yet, it was evident that the encounter with the superstar rapper had left a lasting impression on both of them.

As the owner of a quaint coffee shop named Café La La in Cumberland, RI – her hometown— she considered paying homage to Drake by possibly renaming a drink after him. The “Drizzy Drizzle” or “36G” coffee were just some of the ideas churning in her mind.

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