What to do when you are ready for love?

Four ladies are ready to love and make a move in New Orleans!

But first, meet the ladies of the spin off series Ready to Love: Make a move.

After starring on their own seasons of Ready to love, Shareese Logan from season six,

Ashlee Akins from season 1,

Verneashia Allen from season 3 and

Zadia Murphy from season 4.

These beautiful ladies are ready to find love again.

ready to love" make a move

Credit Image: Daymon Gardner for OWN / Ready to Love: Make A Move

What the leading ladies of Ready to Love: Make a Move want in a man.

First, let me just add that a few of these ladies are looking for somewhat similar men in terms of their ideal partners and deal breakers.

Even though each lady is special in her own way, let’s take a look at some of their ideal traits.

For Instance, physical attraction is key for Shareese Logan and Verneashia Allen.

But perhaps the most common thing between them is finding a man who will be willing to communicate with them and share their values and small moments in life.

Followed by a strong relationship with God and is deeply spiritual.

And this is the case for all four ladies.

But perhaps the most telling is their deal breakers.

The ideal man must be able to take care of themselves. None of the ladies are looking for a man who doesn’t look after his mind and body.

Watch the clip to see what’s in store.

Let’s meet some of the other people of Ready to Love: Make a move.

First, Ready to love is getting a new host- her name is Tamica Lee!


But also, lets introduce who will hopefully be one of the lucky men- Donald Wilson.

Ready to love: Make a move is now airing on the OWN Network.

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