Your one-stop shop to help make your space a little greener.

JOMO Studio is a Toronto based art handcraft planterior design studio. The brand does it all- from making concrete planters, coasters, and home decor objects, to hosting host workshops in their studio for corporate and private events. They are able to curate a wide range of houseplants to help people make their spaces greener.

When shopping from the brand, they also provide detailed care guides on how to take care of each plant, free delivery in GTA, and lifetime support with their plants. If you’re looking for more expertise in the space, JOMO Studio also does plant interior consultations and installations for the office, home and stores.

After a tough year of spending more time indoors/ at home, it’s important to understand the importance that plants can have in transforming your space for the better. Plants can help enhance the overall look of your space, and have been shown to reduce stress, boost your mood, and can increase concentration, productivity and creativity. Not only can plants help make for a happier you, but they can also eliminate air pollutants, allowing for a healthier environment, overall. Using plants to spruce up your place will transform it into a green haven that will look good, and help you feel good, at the same time.

JOMO Studio offers a variety of plants and accompanying accessories that are perfect for turning your space into one that you will LOVE spending time in. Check out the list below for our top picks from the brand.

Bamboo Palm – $80 (10” Pot), $210 (14” Pot)

This pet-friendly plant thrives in medium to bright light conditions, but can also tolerate low light. It has a nice, soft touch with deep green leaves that arch from the stem and would make a beautiful statement piece in any space. 

Anthurium Red – $30

The Anthurium Red is the world’s longest blooming houseplant with blooms lasting up to eight weeks, and new ones popping up often. This would be the perfect addition to your WHF space, requiring indirect sunlight, medium-light and watering every one-week.

Golden Metal Planter – $25 (6” Pot)

Add a little glamour to your space with this handmade metal planter featuring copper golden colour. With a slight patina finish, it gives a naturally aged look and brings a lot of character to any space.

Modern Ceramic Planter – $18 (Fits 4”-5” Pot)

The minimalist look of this planter is ideal for every space. Modern and chic, this planter has a matte black finish with a matching saucer. It’s the perfect planter if you want to pot your plant baby right in.

Visit JOMO Studio for more information and to shop for more beautiful plants and accessories!