Kim Kardashian spoke with Vogue Italia about what’s in her Hermès travel bag. Check out what the reality star has to have on her while traveling! 

What’s in Kim Kardashian’s travel bag?

Kim Kardashian Vogue

Kardashian spoke with Vogue Italia about what her must-haves are for her travel bag. Check out what’s in her bag, below!

Kim Kardashian Bag

As outlined in the video, Kardashian has a few essentials during her travel days. The mom of 4 usually carries a backpack for her kids, but she packs her travel bag with some personal must-haves.

Her first must? A SKIMS Blanket and matching pillow. This is her go-to.

She also has a smaller bag within her big bag that holds a powder puff and lip gloss from the night before when she was out.

Did you know Kardashian loves to read? She brings some books with her on her travels and she has a “sister book club” with her sisters!

Another must? A camera! The queen of selfies always has a camera and film on hand.

She also travels with her computer because she’s “in school” and “always needs” it.

Kardashian also has playing cards on hand for some light entertainment.

Her go-to beauty products are; a fragrance sample from SKKN BY KIM, her favourite lip mask (Laneige, the pink one), and she always travels with moisturizer. Her fave are some hydrating SKKN BY KIM products.

She also has a mini makeup bag for essentials that she needs on the go. She always has a nail file, powders, and a Kylie Cosmetics blush. She also has KKW beauty products on her!

One final essential for Kardashian is snacks! She loves the Justin Almond Bar packs. Gum and mints are also a must.

What do you think about Kardahian’s go-to travel essentials?
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