What is the Astro Boy Boots price?

MSCHF’S Big Red Astro Boots price is $350. The cartoon-like red boots have taken the internet by storm, much to the dismay of fashion insiders. The brand behind the boot, MSCHF stated on their website that they’re “cartoon boots for a cool 3D world.”

Also adding, “MSCHF’s next project sees the release of a Astro-Boy inspired show that brings the “Mighty Atom” into real life. Astro Boy was created in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka in a Magna series that spanned 112 chapters until 1968. The brand prides itself on creating a boot that comes as close to the shoe in the Magna series as any brand has gotten.

Astro Boy Boots price

Astro Boy Boots Availability

The Astro Boy boots will go on sale on February 16th, 2023 at 11 am ET on their website. As far as comfort goes, we can’t yet say if they’ll be any good but the site state that the boots are made from EVA foam and a TPU rubber shell. The boots are mid-calf and have a large lip collare to support the leg.