Presented by Broken Coast Cannabis

Best known for their premium B.C. Bud, Broken Coast has been making waves in the cannabis sphere. With quality at the heart of Broken Coast’s DNA—and the key to the brand’s success since the very beginning—the company specializes in dried flower and has built upon that impressive reputation. 

Proudly Canadian-owned and operated, the British Columbia-based brand is dedicated to small batch lots grown in strain-specific rooms. Broken Coast’s dedication to breeding and cultivating the highest-grade cannabis—which they grow on Vancouver Island in B.C.—continues with their latest innovation, Pipe Dream. 

Selected to meet consumer demand, the strain’s selection was led by Head Grower Kevin Anderson. He and his team spent 15 months planting, nurturing, and evaluating thousands of seedlings to identify and accentuate the traits that resulted in this latest proprietary strain.

Unlike anything you’ve ever smoked before, this exclusive new cultivar produces smoke dripping with spice, mulled fruits and a gassy aroma, that makes Pipe Dream truly different from the other flower offerings on the market. The strain has a high THC content (18-24%), is sativa-dominant. A clear reflection of the quality products consumers have come to expect from Broken Coast, Pipe Dream is one-of-a-kind, with texture, aroma, and strain qualities that extremely unique. 

Unquestionably, this epic flower reaches new heights and is what dreams are made of. Sure to impress the cannabis connoisseurs eager to find a new favourite strain, Pipe Dream is available in 3.5g whole flower online and in retail.

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