Ambassador Program

We’re excited to work with you! Below is an overview of how we can work together, including what we expect from you as a representative of the HOLR brand, and how we can help support you in the continued development of your personal brand.

Defining an Ambassador

An ideal brand ambassador for HOLR Media Group
fits the following criteria:

❏ 5k - 20k followers
❏ 5% engagement ratio or higher
❏ Experience and brand alignment within the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Entertainment industries
❏ Consistently attends events within the Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Entertainment industries


For You
We want to help you grow your brand. To do this, we want to empower you to leverage our name, brand and social media following. You’ll have an opportunity to have your Instagram stories of the events you attend shared through our account, and, over time, invitations to exclusive events and growth opportunities with our expanding team.

From You
We want you to be our eyes and ears. We’ve chosen you because your brand aligns with ours, and we’re excited to see the great content you’re going to create throughout this partnership. We’ll support you with magazines, and offer growth opportunities as you provide introductions that turn into content or clients.

The Process
Keep us informed of events you’re attending. We’ll assess if we want coverage at that event, and, if approved, what support we can offer. From there, you will attend the event on behalf of HOLR Magazine, covering it for both your audience and ours.

You will tag HOLR in your stories and mention that you are covering the event on behalf of the magazine. From here, we will repost selected stories from your account to share with our audience.


We want you to have fun while you’re attending events, but we also want to remind you that this is a professional opportunity and that you will be representing your own personal brand, along with the HOLR brand. Professional conduct is expected from all of our Ambassadors at all times.

There will be lots of opportunities with the HOLR team moving forward, including invitations to exclusive events as well as parttime or full-time employment opportunities. We want to emphasize that Ambassadors who go above and beyond will be added to the top priority list for new opportunities moving forward.

Feel free to send us screenshots of the amazing work you’re doing, including post analytics, and to share any ideas you have to continue driving both of our brands forward. We want to see you shine!


If you’re interested in the above opportunity please email