Luxury bags can cost a fortune, but that doesn’t deter many of us from coveting them.  As we scroll through our Instagram feed and see thousands of bloggers with Chanel bags in every possible colour and maybe even an Hérmes Birkin or two we wonder; HOW can they afford these pricey items?


By: Alexandra Aulicino

Because of their extremely high price tags,  many of us decide to look at vintage or pre-loved bags as a more reasonable option. But is it worth buying a vintage or used Chanel bag?  One of the biggest concerns people have when buying a luxury bag outside of the store is the validity of the bag; did I just spend two thousand dollars on a bag that may be fake?  This is not an issue anyone wants to deal with.

For this reason, I’d say purchasing a Chanel bag on eBay or Kijiji isn’t worth the risk.  If you are thinking about it, make sure that the bag is authentic if you are going to purchase it.  When purchasing a classic Chanel flap, many people are confused by the difference between the double and single flap.  The simple answer is that the double flap is the newer version of the single flap which was discontinued in 2014, so it’s more expensive than the single flap on all websites.

The Chanel classic flap is one of the most desired bags as it is the most searched bag on the internet — and even though the prices keep increasing, so does our lust for them.

As of November 2018 the prices for the Chanel classic flaps are approximately:

Chanel New Mini Classic Bag – $4,000 CAD

Chanel Mini Square Classic Bag – $3,500 CAD

Chanel Small Classic Bag –  $5,800 CAD

Chanel Large Classic Bag – $7,600 CAD

Chanel Maxi Bag – $8,000 CAD

These bags have only continued to rise in price and show no sign of slowing down.  Chanel bags are an investment and the value of them only increases, making them one of the best fashion purchases if you’re looking for a classic, everlasting designer handbag.  It’s no doubt they’re always in style as a staple, and go with everything.  Seen by their resale prices, when kept in perfect condition they don’t lose their value. Some coveted colour ways that are difficult to get can even gain value with age.

When looking to buy these bags used or vintage, online is your best bet with a lot of sites to choose from.,, and all have wide selections. The prices match the quality, when looking at the older bags. Bags that are not as great in condition will have a matching lower price tag, but once you start to look at double flaps in perfect condition you will find that you’re paying a similar price to the store.

Sites such as are selling medium classic flaps at a whopping $10,500 CAD, and aren’t really providing a deal at all. On the other hand sites such as and yoogiscloset.comprovide more options, some of which are at lower price points.

So is it worth it?  If you’re buying vintage, you’re getting a bag that’s a slightly different, older model yet paying a bit less for it.  If you don’t care about how updated your bag is or you prefer the look of vintage, it is worth it.  However, buying a used classic flap is not worth it — you risk authenticity, you’re not really paying a significantly lower price and not getting a brand new bag.

SO beware of the fakes! For trying to save money you might end up losing money if you don’t verify it’s authenticity. Of course inarguably, the safest way is to save up and buy the classic bag you’ve been dying for at the store.


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